About the project

The Integration and demonstration of Large Stationary Fuel Cell Systems for Distributed Generation

Certain industries, such as chemical production or petroleum refining have been identified as producing quantities of by-product hydrogen that can be used to produce clean, load-following power on a distributed basis, reducing reliance on fossil fuels. While the chemical production industry generally acknowledges the potential value of stationary
fuel cell applications, the lack of multiple megawatt-scale European reference sites is a significant barrier to widespread adoption. The CLEARgen Demo proposal aims to address this need.


The objectives of the CLEARgen Demo Project are:
1) The development and construction of a large scale fuel cell system, purpose-built for the European market,
2) The validation of the technical and economic readiness of the fuel cell system at the megawatt scale, and
3) The field demonstration and development of megawatt scale system at a European chemical production plant.

The demonstration site was chosen for the ability to provide a strong reference case so as to convince future operators of the relevance of large scale stationary fuel cell applications. It is expected that the CLEARgen Demo field demonstration will show that large stationary PEM fuel cell systems for distributed power generation are environmentally friendly and commercially relevant for chemical process industrial applications where alternatively excess hydrogen today is vented.